Dear attendees,

Healthy dairy calves are the future of the milking herd. Thus when developing rearing solutions focused on animal welfare and nutrition, it is increasingly important to know the natural needs of calves, to take them seriously and to implement modern innovations and management solutions. This requires a very close collaboration between science and industry. The second Smart Calf Rearing Conference pursues this goal and helps researchers and industry professionals to share the latest trends in science, research and practice with the key topics of neonatal management, plane of nutrition, calf health, and calf welfare. Renowned speakers from Canada, USA, and Europe will present the latest findings and research on “Smart Calf Rearing”. In addition, we will also be hosting a separate one-day event prior to the conference known as Producer Day. The goal of Producer Day is to transfer the latest research findings and knowledge in dairy calf nutrition and health to dairy producers. Do not miss these exciting events!

Thomas Förster, Förster-Technik GmbH
Tim Hickman, Trouw Nutrition
Dr. Michael Steele, University of Guelph